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8 Benefits of a Great Web Design

What is Website Design?

When it all comes down to it, website design is the production and maintenance of a web page. Web design is all the hard and soft coding that creates the aesthetics of your webpage. It is the metaphorical paint that materialises in the form of text, images and interactive material (or content). Which your consumer experiences and interacts with. It is how your brand presents itself visually and virtually.

Dressing appropriately for a work interview or a meeting with a client is expected. However, so many companies are missing the mark when it comes to their online presence and losing potential customers as a result. Having a fast-loading web page with a good web design is no longer something that differentiates your business from your competitors, it is expected.

However, a great web design, when done professionally, is a means to build your brand image, establish trust and credibility with your clients and ultimately make more sales. Today it is simple enough to quickly and easily whip up a basic website. If you are looking to create a website for your company, it is fundamental that you use a professional website design.

Here are the Top Benefits of a Professional Web Page Design:

1. Provides a great first impression

Having a professionally designed website that targets the right consumers ensures that your company will have a great first impression, which is priceless. Amateur or poorly designed websites often do more harm to your company than good. As consumers see your site and your company as less credible and unprofessional.

2. Helps you keep up with your competitors

Build a website that is full of good content and the latest design trends. As well as information on your company, products and services is an excellent means to keep up with your competitors.

3. Boosts your revenue

A professionally designed web site will clearly show customers who you are, what your brand represents and why they should buy from you. It will also attract visitors and help boost your revenue as a result.

4. Improves your Search Rankings

An out of date and unprofessional website will only hurt your companies search rankings (how high you rank in Google’s search results) and your monthly search traffic (how many people view your site on a monthly basis). Therefore, it is best to invest in a professional web design that helps, rather than hurts your businesses visibility.

5. Good Web Design Lowers Bounce Rates

A good web design intrigues your consumer and makes them want to read about you and your business. It presents relevant information in the right way. So, consumers will be attracted to your site and will want to stay on your page once they click through. Exploring what your business has to offer. This lowers your bounce rate. Which is how many consumers click on your site and after a second or two. They leave as they either do not like the look of your site, or your page does not answer their search query.

6. Web Design Saves you money

A great web design may cost money initially. However, a professional website that has been designed correctly from day one. This means that you avoid having to update an amateur website that has been designed poorly. Saving you money and time. The poor man pays twice, rings true in this circumstance.

7. Makes editing your site in the future simple and easy

If further along down the road, you decide to make changes to your site, a well-designed site makes this easy. However, a poorly designed site will have large amounts of coding clutter and not a clean web design that is easily adaptable and editable. So, a professionally designed website will provide you with the foundations necessary to make this process quick and easy.

8. Creates a Consistent Brand Identity

Creating a consistent and clear brand identity is one of the core principles in any marketing strategy. A professional web design allows you to do this at a relatively low cost. Helping you and your business build credibility and trustworthiness. Letting you communicate your brands story effectively and clearly.

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