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Why Should I Care About SEO?

SEO channels quality visitors to your website by attracting traffic that’s actively looking for what you’re selling. If your website provides a more informative, engaging, and user-friendly experience than your competitors, there’s a good likelihood you’ll get the sale.


If done correctly SEO outperforms paid advertising. Your competitors might have a bigger budget to throw at paid google ads, but buying customers often results in money down the digital drain.


Mia Tozer

Urban Veda Marketing Executive

Jocelyn's go-getter attitude and attention to detail meant she was not only a delight to work with on a personal level, but could be given any task to tackle and approached it with an optimistic and enthusiastic mentality.


Tanya Myers-Shah

Brand Director of Urban Veda

Jocelyn’s SEO knowledge was impressive at the start of her internship, and by the end of the 3 months had learnt much more and was able to answer any question thrown her way, in a detailed and in-depth way. Over time, this developed into a level of trust that the work would be carried out correctly and to a high standard, ultimately making her a valuable member of the team. 


Ketan Varia

Kinetik Solutions CEO

Jocelyn worked on our sites re-design and produced quality results quickly. She re-designed several of the pages on our site. Her style of working is professional, enthusiastic and she gets results.